Around 2,000 Israeli and Palestinian volunteer drivers regularly provide transportation for Palestinian children from their homes to checkpoints on the border of Gaza and the West Bank and from the checkpoints to hospital appointments in Israel. Project Rozana continues to support the invaluable work of internationally acclaimed NGO Road to Recovery. Road to Recovery volunteer drivers are to be found at checkpoints throughout the country ready to drive patients and caregivers to a hospital in Israel. Road to Recovery is as much about the building of mutual respect, trust, dialogue and friendship as it is about a patient’s physical well-being.


Road to Recovery volunteer drivers are unsung heroes. Every day, no matter how early or late, no matter how inclement the weather, Palestinian volunteer drivers transport patients and caregivers from their homes to the checkpoints, where they are handed over to their Israeli volunteer counterparts. From there they are taken to a designated hospital, including Hadassah in Jerusalem, and Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv. The process is reversed after treatment. By ‘adopting’ a driver you will not only support these volunteers, but get the opportunity to know about them as individuals and their motivation. The success of the Road to Recovery volunteer driver program does not depend entirely on philanthropic support but the expansion and sustainability of this vitally needed and much sought after service certainly does. The campaign is active throughout the Project Rozana international network – the United States, Canada, Israel and Australia. The aim is to grow the number of transfers by at least 20% every year, and to develop the organisational and professional infrastructure to meet the growing demand. Project Rozana’s Australian, Canadian and American affiliates have agreed to raise a minimum of US$100,000 in 2019 via this campaign.



Learn about the volunteer drivers as individuals and their motivation. Click or tap a picture to see that driver’s profile.

Your contribution pays for fuel and related expenses. On average, each volunteer driver commits to approximately one trip per month. On average this is calculated at US$100/month. We offer sponsorship levels of 12 and 24 months, and you can also choose to give a custom amount. All donations are assigned to support our volunteer driver pool.