• Far-right Islamists attack Sydney Muslim doctor for charity work with Jews

  • Multi-faith charity takes critically ill Palestinian children to hospitals

  • Dr Jamal Rifi called a ‘Zionist’ and reported to a Lebanese military court

  • ‘This is a death sentence’ – Dr Rifi has been advised to change his routine


Far-right Islamists have launched a vicious hate campaign against a prominent Sydney Muslim doctor for working with Jews in a charity to save sick children.  

Jamal Rifi, a GP from Belmore in Sydney’s western suburbs, was attacked after throwing his support behind Project Rozana, a multi-faith Australian charity that takes critically ill Palestinian children to Israeli hospitals for life-saving treatment.  

His support of the charity has led to a vicious backlash in both Australia and Lebanon by Islamists who oppose Muslims and Jews working together as they say it ‘normalises the Israeli occupation’. 

Far-right Islamists have slammed Dr Jamal Rifi, a prominent Sydney Muslim, for supporting a multi-faith charity that takes critically ill Palestinian children to Israeli hospitals for treatment.

Police are investigating the hate campaign against Dr Rifi, who is of Lebanese heritage, in which he has been accused of being a Zionist collaborator, a traitor to his community and a spy.  

Information sent from Sydney resulted in an application by nine lawyers to a military court in Lebanon, falsely claiming he belongs to an organisation of Israel and is on the board of a ‘Zionist’ charity that attempts to create a liaison of confidence in a bid to develop a relationship with the enemy.

The application calls for his prosecution and possible imprisonment if he returns to visit family, the Daily Telegraph reported.  

The application in Lebanon puts Dr Rifi in danger of his life if he returns to visit, he believes.

‘If I go to Lebanon they will stop me there,’ he told Daily Mail Australia on Friday.

‘It’s a death sentence for me.’ 

‘To say that I’m working for the Zionists is like saying I am an enemy to my people.’ 

Dr Rifi is on the board of the Project Rosana charity alongside people of many other faiths and backgrounds. 

Other prominent board members include Palestinian-Australian Nour al-Asmar, Jewish businessman Ron Finkel and Federal Member for Wentworth Devanand ‘Dave’ Sharma, who is of Indian heritage and served as ambassador to Israel. 

Bullent Dellal, the chairman of SBS who has Turkish-Cypriot heritage is one of the charity’s directors.

The hate campaign began this month when Al Akhbar, a media outlet in Beirut backed by Islamist group Hezbollah, launched a campaign distorting Dr Rifi’s service, The Australian reported.  

Iranian-backed Hezbollah, whose name means ‘The Party of Allah’, is active within Lebanon and has a goal of eliminating the state of Israel.    

Far-right Islamists slammed Dr Jamal Rifi and Muslim MP Jihad Dib for inviting Muslims to a multi-faith charity fundraiser. The event in Sydney’s inner-western suburb of Lilyfield raised $180,000 to help critically ill Palestinian children get treated in Israeli hospitals.

Dr Rifi, 59,  was smeared as an ‘agent of Israel’ which fed the alleged harassment by Australia-based Islamists on social media.

Dr Rifi said people in Sydney are scared by this kind of activity, saying it was threatening to tear at social cohesion. 

He was again attacked for revealing the harassment on Friday.

‘His favourite skill of turning on his community reporting to the mainstream community has not decreased,’ wrote one Islamist who has repeatedly attacked Dr Rifi in the past but who cannot be named.

 ‘We urge you not to support Project Rozana because it normalises the Israeli occupation.’ 

Dr Rifi rejected the allegation saying it was not ‘normalising things’.

‘We are just treating sick kids and providing them with transport.’ 

Dr Rifi was attacked again by far-right Islamists on Friday for ‘turning on his community’ by revealing the abuse directed towards him for supporting a multi-faith charity. 

The charity was named Project Rozana after Palestinian girl Rozana Salawhi who was saved by doctors at Israel’s Hadassah hospital after falling from an apartment block near Ramallah in Palestine’s West Bank, according to the charity’s website. 

A ‘Zionist’ is a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish state in Israel.

Moderate Muslims have been willing to work and live alongside Jews peacefully in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, but far-right Islamists have never accepted Israel’s right to exist and for them calling someone a ‘Zionist’ is the same as calling them an enemy. 

Project Rozana’s first big fundraiser in Sydney this month brought together more than 320 Muslims, Jews and people of other faiths or none, and raised $180,000. `

Palestinian Ambassador in Australia Dr Izzat Abdulhadi put out a statement saying there is no relationship between the Israeli government and Project Rozana, the Daily Telegraph reported.

NSW Police said they were investigating the allegations and had referred the matter to the Engagement and Intervention Unit and Bias Crime Unit within the Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command.

 ‘Police have zero tolerance towards all bias-related crime and treat all matters seriously,’ police said in a statement.  

The application sent to a Lebanese military court seeking prosecution for Dr Rifi and smearing both him and the multi-faith Project Rozana charity as ‘Zionist’