An Israeli hospital and a Palestinian center come together through Project Rozana. These are ALYN Hospital in the West of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center (JPBC) in East Jerusalem.

Both are leading child rehabilitation centers, ALYN for Israel and JPBC for the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

The Project Rozana ALYN and JBPC Pediatric Rehabilitation and Developmental Intervention Training Project is an 18-month staff professional development partnership.

ALYN and JPBC have a shared vision of treating children with disabilities at an early stage and as early as possible. This maximizes their potential in overcoming impairments and promotes inclusion and participation of these children in the wider society.

JPBC is the leading rehabilitation centre serving Palestinian children with disabilities coming from West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. It has identified some capacity building needs that are essential for its professional clinical development.

ALYN and JPBC have a mutual interest in developing a long-term partnership. By so doing, they create an ecosystem of shared knowledge, procedures and interventions, all for the benefit of children with disabilities.

The joint Pediatric Rehabilitation and Developmental Intervention Training Project will contribute to the capacity development of professionals and practitioners at both organizations.

Ibrahim Faltas at JPBC and Maurit Be’eri at ALYN lead a program that will significantly develop  practitioners’ skills in both their organizations.

Dr Maurit Be’eri Director General of ALYN and Ibrahim Faltas, Director General of JPBC



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