October 2017, Project Rozana was pleased to join ALLMEP – the Alliance for Middle East Peace.

ALLMEP is an NGO that represents more than 100 organisations dedicated to building trust between Israelis and Palestinians in order for people to live in peace and security in societies that protect their human and civil rights.

Established in 2003, ALLMEP is working towards the establishment of an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, modelled on the International Fund for Ireland which played an active role in creating a sustainable resolution in Northern Ireland.

For Project Rozana to achieve its practical aims of building bridges to better understanding between people through health, we must engage with organisations from across the political and religious spectrum. To do anything less is to potentially deny children an opportunity to enjoy a better standard of health that their counterparts in the First World take for granted.

What ALLMEP allows us to do is expand existing partnerships that already shine a very powerful light on children, particularly those in need.